Hydrowat Spa

Since 1986, Hydrowatt SpA designs, builds and operate electromechanical plants.

The company has a share capital of   2 mln and is headquartered in Folignano, in the province of Ascoli Piceno.


We Address our investments in the hydroelectric sector by building small, unattended (remotely controlled), highly efficient plants, that preserve the environment (> 100 kW ≤ 5MW).


We have a vertically integrated organization capable to internally manage the whole energy production chain: from the development to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of our hydro plants.


We know how to install and operate hydro plants on irrigation channels, dams, aqueduct conduits and run of river. With regard to aqueducts, we have developed an innovative methodology for installing turbines on potable water pipelines to transform hydraulic pressures into renewable energy. Our most valuable expertise is a deep knowledge in managing the interaction between the energy production and the changing needs of the water supply service in full respect of the safety of water networks. We manage a large portfolio of hydro plants located on the hydraulic infrastructures of the largest aqueducts and irrigation companies across Italy. The plants are  remotely operated via a satellite communication system and software that keep the turbine efficiency at its highest achievable rate minimizing the use of on-site workforce. In addition, predictive maintenance and 24/7 availability service allows to maximize energy production.


Hydrowatt SpA owns 30 hydroelectric plants with an installed capacity of 8.5 MW and a production in excess of 30 Gwh / year. 18 are installed on aqueduct pipelines, 3 on irrigation channels, 3 on dam discharges and 6 are run-on-river. We engineer our plants with sounded civil and hydraulic works, efficient and reliable electromechanical equipments and a high level of automation to minimize the environmental impact.


Hydrowatt SpA owns 60% of the shares of Hydrowatt Abruzzo SpA, which has a share capital of Euro 655,000 and is headquartered in Pescara. The shares representing the remaining 40% of the capital are owned by ACA, Azienda Consortile Acquedottistica SpA. ACA is a Consortium established by 64 municipalities in the Province of Pescara and as the Integrated Water Service Provider supplies over 500,000 residents. Hydrowatt Abruzzo operates in the renewable energy sector by investing in small scale hydroelectric power plants (> 100 kW ≤ 5MW). The technical department has identified unexplored hydro opportunities on the ACA partner water network and across the country. To date, Hydrowatt Abruzzo has a portfolio of five hydroelectric plants and one photovoltaic plant with a total production exceeding 7.5 GWh / year.