Impianti elettromeccanici

YEAR 1986

Hydrowatt SpA was founded on February 25th 1986 as a joint venture between SIME SpA and CIIP SpA.

The mission was to develop a reliable and innovative technology to produce energy using the pressure surplus in the potable water pipelines.

SIME SpA has been operating in the field of designing and installing electrical mechanical equipment for over 65 years.

CIIP SpA was the owner and operator of the aqueduct of the Sibillini Mountains, located in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

YEARS 1986 – 1998

In the beginning of the ’90s Hydrowatt installed 5 first generation hydroelectric power plants on CIIP pipelines, and 1 on an irrigation canal.

In 1995 Hydrowatt acquired an engineering and construction company involved in the design, construction, installation and management of electromechanical plants for both public and private customers.

YEAR 1999

In 1999 Andreoli Bonazzi’s group acquired 60% of the shares of Hydrowatt SpA. The new shareholder focused its investments on upgrading the company technology, and strengthen the organization, through the selection of a team of highly specialized technicians.

YEAR 2002

In February 2002 Hydrowatt acquired 60% of the shares of  Hydrowatt Abruzzo SpA, which at that time owned 2 hydroelectric plants located on the potable water pipes of his partner  Azienda Consortile Acquedottistica SpA: the water service provider o the Pescara province.

YEARS 2003 – 2010

The expansion of the plants portfolio and increaseof the energy production: the old plants were renovated using the latest company technology and new plants were built. 

YEAR 2010 -2016

A significant acquisition program is carried on:

2010 – acquisition of La Rancia hydroelectric power plant (MC).

2014 – Acquisition of 3 hydroelectric power plants: Sassoferrato (AN), Osimo (AN) and Matelica (MC).

2015 – Acquisition of the hydroelectric plant of Castelbellino (AN).

YEAR 2017

Commissioning of 3 new hydroelectric power plants: Locone (Apulia), Force (Marche), Esaro (Calabria).